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Please Note: A 50% non-fefundable deposit is required to secure any booking and the final payment MUST be paid on the drop off of your dog.
No refunds will be given if cancellation of booking is requested.
Important notice to clients: From the 1st June 2018, all bookings will be subject to VAT.

Please do NOT bring large beds that will not fit into a domestic washing machine when boarding your dog. We will be unable to wash the bed if it was to get wet or soiled.*

The Kennel Cough Vaccine is a separate vaccination and needs to be requested by the owner to the vet to administer it. It also needs to be given a minimum of 2 weeks before coming into the kennel. We ask that all owners check their vaccination cards to make sure all vaccinations are up to date and that the dog/s have been given the Kennel Cough Vaccine when booking as we do not wish to disappoint.
Can be signed on arrival